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With a creative point of view my seascapes and botanicals not only highlight nature’s textures and layers but also emphasises its very dreamy and beautiful life.

My preferred method is to capture a subject of interest in its best light. I love crafting and creating multiple exposure imagery in-camera, exploring with ICM (intentional camera movement) and macro photography.

Offering a selection of fine-art prints on Premium-Smooth Pearl, 310gsm or Canvas.
Please contact me direct to discuss images of interest.

Creative Local Auckland Photographers & Photographic Artists Exhibiting Photography at Visual Arts Events, Detail (


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I am a self-taught abstract artist who applies vivid bold colours layer-upon-layer to achieve a desired texture, whilst creating a form of energy through my brushed designs.
The inspiration for these creations has come from my nature photography.

Using my feminine intuition and artistic instincts, I have captured earth’s abundance and its beauty, either by the flick of my paint brush or the shutter of my camera.


Abstract Art

A Rusty World

Often, in the most obscure places I see an object’s innate beauty and capture its essence. I am fascinated by age, deterioration, rust, colour combinations and textures that have been created from a life of decline.

All of these images have a story to tell. By appreciating what is and what was, I feel the need to keep the subjects’ memories alive with visual art.


Nature - Still Life