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Below are examples of my photographic style showcasing differing perspectives through my observations, interactions and movements.

Where my agility leads me around my surrounds and through a camera lens to capture the most intriguing of shots. 
A hull from a rusty boat, even discarded objects. All of these things I can turn into fascinating and commanding photography,
and through this process I am able to create eye-catching creative art that was once only seen as old and long forgotten.


Art Space

National Parks NZ

Nature’s creation hidden away and camouflaged by its own exquisite and isolated beauty.

Having read about whiskey coloured rivers and lakes, rain forests and limestone creations. I just had to seek them out, and I did just that whilst on my travels around the West Coast of South Island in New Zealand’s Kahurangi’s National Parks.

Infinitely breathtaking!

1853 Edwin Fox, First Merchant Ship to bring immigrants to NZ.

Inspired by this ship’s beauty and decaying patinas, I wanted to capture the rustic feel that she portrays.

With an abstract twist I have also painted my own versions of the ship’s Hull. 
If you find yourself in Picton be sure to visit the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum.

Rust in Peace - Edwin Fox

Macdonald Refrigeration ltd 

A freeze framed culmination of pre-dated and rare refrigeration equipment that showcases the inner and outer workings of Macdonald Refrigeration Ltd past glory. Established in 1938

This incredible manufacturing warehouse not only houses a vast array of preloved machinery, modified, reconditioned tools and hardware, but captures the now historic value of so many memorable years.