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Born and Bred...

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Once was, and still is a place where the winds whip in and gales wail out. It was never a pretty house, just functional - a house built for practicality and not much more, and here it still stands, like me, against the pale featureless sky. Pa said, “Two matt apple green coats for the front - just to keep the wood from rotting'". Ma, wanted the shiny stuff - she did have a win on the back door though, but you can’t see it from where I’m standin’ - an’ I ken still hear it slammin’ from here when the wind catches.

Just four rooms. A big thing back then four rooms with a built-in front verandah an’ all. “More room for one on the way” Ma said, rubbing her stomach from morning sickness.
Oh, how we loved this little house, with the little slat windows that let the breeze in on those searing hot days and heat-scorched nights. Of course the dunny stood in the back on its lonesome - mighty proud it stood though, and mighty cold in the winter, I might add! Sheets of yesterday’s news - no soft stuff back then.

The kitchen always lovely an’ warm, ‘cos Ma was always cookin’ ‘n’ bakin’.
I ken still smell it from here. Took our water from the rainwater tank outback - can’t recall the detail; but we did, ’an we didn’t get ill. Guts of cast iron - even the little un’s, a big tank it was too. The sheep must belong to the neighbour’s, which is a couple-a miles away, if ya talking about distance, ‘an if you’re talking ‘bout age - I’m just as old and rusty as the weathered stuff.

Born and bred - born and bred...

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