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Vanessa Elizabeth Bigwood and Dina Nicolaides

Konstant Imagery Photography by Dina Nicolaides

Copy, Captions and Creative Writing by Vanessa Bigwood

By recognizing a shared passion for visual art we have combined our strengths by layering words, textures, shapes, colours, spaces and values together.


At various stages, we have chosen to capture life through a swish of a brush, a nib of a pen, or a tip of a pencil, but for the majority of time through the portal of a camera lens.


Throughout, we have composed our own compositions and captions to help better describe our work and what we do.


Not only do we recognize and share-in appreciating this world, we look-at its many differing view-points, belief systems and values.


To date, our friendship spans over 20 years, and is only separated by the Tasman Sea and its coordinates, not by our heritage or ancestry.


We hope that you enjoy our differentiating styles, and joint compilations because we have enjoyed bringing them together for you.

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